About Jillian

Well let’s see…. as a new parent, parent-to-be, or even if you’re an old hat at this “raising kids” thing now, what would you like to know about the photographer you’re hiring to capture these crazy fleeting moments??? You’d probably like to know that I’m a mom. I know how to handle newborns, babies, and kiddos really well and they (USUALLY!!) like me a lot! I have been tried and tested and my patience almost always wins out! I’ve seen it ALL! You’d probably also like to know that I am designated a Craftsman Photographer with the MPIO (read: I can take really good photos on a really consistent basis!). Another useful fact is that I’ve been photographing newborns, babies, kiddos and their families for 10 years in this business and I love what I do…. like, a lot!

I work outside and on location with the older kiddos that need the space to explore and adventure. But with itty bitty newborns, I love to come in to the comfort of your own home and find a space to work. It’s tricky getting yourself organized enough to venture out in those first few days…. so leave it to me! I’ll come in, get those shots you’ll regret not getting, and get out! 😉

One last little note: I run my business like I photograph babies and kids…. simply. But if there is a service you’d like, that you don’t see offered here, just get in contact with me! I’ll do my very best to oblige.

See you very soon!!